“Celestials” Collection
Experiment 1A
15 ml Round Bottle

Azizos.000 is a very pale green white polish, like the first blush of sunrise on dew laden grass. Featuring flecks of colorshifting green and purplish pink flakies, iridescent flakies plus aurora and chameleon shimmers with a violet overlay. Named for the ancient Syrian god of the morning star ?

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This polish is opaque in 2-3 coats. A clear base coat is always recommended to avoid any nail staining.

A gloss topcoat is recommended.

This polish is 10-free.

Images are taken in sunlight or lamps that mimic sunlight. The color may be slightly different in person due to your computer monitor settings.

Pi Colors Experimental Nail Lacquers are custom batches of handmade nail polish colors with a variety of effects as described in each product description. Batches are limited in availability to what is in stock. For polishes with color changing effects, we recommend using them within 1 yr of purchase to experience the effects at their best.

Please note that we do not offer cancellations on orders or returns due to the personal nature of these products.

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