Hey hey lovely people!! There is SO much happening in the land of PI Colors this summer and we cannot wait to show you everything! We kicked off this June with the release of our Polish Pickup polish Light/Forest.000, which just ended its sale run yesterday. Thank you, thank you to everyone who supported us by picking up this polish, we are super blessed to have your support. ❤️❤️❤️

We have fielded so many comments and requests to purchase Kirin.000 and Chaos Heart.000 since both were released and we are excited to announce that BOTH polishes will be coming back for Polish Pickup’s July Rewind month!! You will only be able to purchase Kirin.000 on the Polish Pickup site July 2-5, 2021, but Chaos Heart.000 will be available July 2- 31, 2021 here on our website!!